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A bike ride, and much more: cycling along dirt tracks and trails through woods, embraced by the fresh air of the hills or the Pre-Alps. Tarzo and its surrounding area offer many mountain bike routes: in the hills of Prosecco, between Tarzo and Refrontolo, around Vittorio Veneto, Susegana and Collalto… As well as, Passo San Boldo and the slopes of the Cansiglio, Monte Pizzoc and the Castles of the Pre-Alps, to name just a few.

Tarzo and Refrontolo
Departure/Arrival: Corbanese (TV).
Length: 41,4km.
Difference in altitude: 1280m.
Average time required: 4 hours.
Maximum altitude: 400m.
Passo San Boldo (San Boldo Pass)
Departure/Arrival: Lago (TV).
Length: 40,4km.
Difference in altitude: 1590m.
Average time required: 4 hours.
Maximum altitude: 1197m.
Vittorio Veneto to Le Perdonanze
Departure/Arrival: Cozzuolo (TV).
Length: 25,8km.
Difference in altitude: 950m.
Average time required: 3 hours.
Maximum altitude: 423m.

Here, you can find all the most beautiful routes of the province of Treviso and the Pre-Alps of Treviso:


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