Food and wine

Local products and typical delicacies. Fresh, genuine products from a land that makes good food and drink a philosophy of life. From wine to mushrooms, cheeses, "soppressa" (cured pork salami), grappa and cakes, you can discover all the culinary specialities of Tarzo and where to find them.


Prosecco, and much more. Tarzo is situated in an area where wine is at the heart of its identity and history. White or red wine, both are made with passion and can be found at the meal table.


A typical product of Veneto, especially in this area. Until a few years ago, grappa was distilled in the houses of many local farmers. Today, it is made in modern distilleries that guarantee total quality. A must is “resentin”: a drop of grappa served in a coffee cup from which you have just sipped your coffee.

Fruit, vegetables and herbs

Locally sourced products: herbs from the woods such as hops, asparagus and dandelion, “figo longhet” (long figs), characteristic of Tarzo and "marroni" (native chestnuts). And much more: radicchio (chicory), beans and much more.

Meat and cold cuts

From game to poultry, beef and pork… Roasted or grilled, meat is the second feature of this land. And then you can try “de casada” (homemade) cold cuts such as those made of Oca del Mondragon (goose), and "soppressa nostrana" (local cured pork salami): with polenta (cornmeal porridge) it is the most typical appetizer.


When in season, mushrooms are one of the most distinctive specialities of the local area. Many varieties (porcini, honey fungus, russulas, Caesar's, Scutiger pes-caprae, morels, Scotch bonnets etc.) can be found for first courses and side dishes.


Fresh or mature dairy cheeses: Casatella, Morlacco, Formaggella, Montasio and Cansiglio should always be on the meal table. Of course, they are all locally made.

Bread, honey and cakes

Freshly baked bread from the bakeries in the village. The most genuine honey, made by local master beekeepers. Typical cakes such as "tiramisù", "cotognata" (quince cake), "crostate" (jam tarts) and "sfoiadini" (puff pastry and cream slices). The art of transforming the products of nature into tasty traditional specialities.