A lively area offering many cultural, sports, artistic and musical events throughout the year. Then there are public festivals, an ideal opportunity to learn about the special features of the local area and its traditions. Local and international events make “Tarzointorno” an area particularly full of life.


Festa della Candelora (Candle festival), in Tarzo
In the last week of January and the first of February, the Pro Loco association of Tarzo has organised the Festa della Candelora since 1990. The programme includes a parade of floats, a lottery and a Carnival drawing competition in collaboration with the local lower secondary school.
Panevin (Bonfire festival)
Tradition has it that on the evening of 5 January, the eve of Epiphany, the “vecia” (a figure that looks like an old woman) is burnt on a huge bonfire of dry branches and brushwood, which has a circular base of 3-4 metres and is usually up to 8-10 metres high. The bonfire, a characteristic feature throughout the Veneto region and the province of Treviso in particular, is called "Panevin". People from all neighbouring villages gather around it to eat “pinza” (a tasty fragrant cake made of polenta, sultanas and fennel seeds) and drink "vin brulè" (mulled wine with cloves, cinnamon and sometimes apples). "Panevin" takes place in all the hamlets of Tarzo.
Sagra di San Bartolomeo (Festival of San Bartolomeo), in Arfanta
Organised by the Gruppo Ricreativo Arfanta, the traditional village festival of the patron saint takes place in the fourth week of August.
Emigrant Festival
Every year, Tarzo recalls its past (and, in some cases, recounts the present, with ice cream makers) as a place of emigration with the Emigrant Festival. The event also hosts the long standing “Walk among the hills and chestnuts” and the “Courtyards of Art”.
“Settembrina” Festival
Summer still has much to offer in Corbanese in the early days of September, with the “Settembrina” Festival. Two weekends are dedicated to music and games for children and all the family. Other attractions include a vintage car rally, the traditional “briscola” card game contest, specialities at gourmet stands, dancing and much more.

Food and wine, arts and crafts events

Festa della Castagna di Colmaggiore e delle colline tarzesi (Chestnut festival in Colmaggiore and the hills of Tarzo)
In the first three weeks of October, the festival is one of the most varied events in the area: culture, sport, shows and food and wine, with stalls offering local products. The festival revolves around promoting local chestnuts known as “marroni”. The culinary part also includes grilled specialities and typical dishes such as "polenta e mus" (cornmeal porridge with donkey meat), "polenta e osei" (cornmeal porridge with small birds), venison and meat on the spit. A photo competition and guided tours to the most beautiful places in the local area are also included. For those who love biking, there is a motorbike rally and a mountain bike competition.
Spirito degli Antichi Sapori (Spirit of ancient flavours)
The market exhibition of arts and crafts organised by the PRO.G.E.T.T.O. association. Stalls exhibit local products and crafts, ancient agricultural equipment is on display, with tastings of typical specialities... as well as cheese making and preparing cured cold cuts, washerwomen at work and many other attractions connected with ancient farming traditions.
Mostra del Vino a Corbanese(Wine exhibition in Corbanese)
An opportunity for dialogue between the wine producers of Tarzo and the neighbouring villages, on the one hand, and experts and consumers, on the other. The event is included in the Primavera del Prosecco Superiore (Superior Prosecco Spring) programme.
Artigianato Vivo (Live Craftwork)
A huge exhibition of craftwork involves hundreds of master craftsmen from all over Italy. It takes place around the mid-August bank holiday in the streets and districts of Cison di Valmarino.

Cultural events

I Cortili dell’Arte (Courtyards of art), as part of the Festa dell’Emigrante (Emigrant festival)
Since 2010, “I Cortili dell’Arte” festival has been bringing together artists of various genres with the aim of promoting the local area. Paintings, sculptures, videos and photography: works on show in the districts of the village.
Lago Film Fest
The independent festival of short films, documentaries and screenplays that has grown, in just a few years, to become an international event. Screenings are shown at the lakeside, with contaminations between visual arts and music. It takes place in the second half of July in Revine Lago.

Sport events

Prealpi Triathlon Fest (Pre-Alps Triathlon Festival)
A national sports event that assigns Italian championship titles to individuals and relay youth categories. This event, now renowned throughout Europe, involves over a thousand athletes and another thousand people including leaders, coaches and family members, as well as a large audience. Two days of great sport also provide an opportunity to explore and learn more about the local area. The event takes place in the first week of July in Revine Lago.


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