Running & Orienteering

Not only hiking and relaxing walks but also running, a pleasure to do in Tarzo. The Vallata offers many opportunities for trail running, with its routes of varying difficulty, length and difference in altitude. Around Tarzo, at Zuel, Revine Lago and San Lorenzo, and in the hills around the lakes…

And why not also try the athletic and mental challenge of orienteering? It is not only a race but also involves orienteering skills and choosing the best routes.

Departure/Arrival: Cison Di Valmarino, (TV).
Length: 6,3km.
Difference in altitude: 102m.
Average time required: 39 minutes.
Maximum altitude: 392m.
Departure/Arrival: Tarzo, (TV).
Length: 6,9km.
Difference in altitude: 149m.
Average time required: 44 minutes.
Maximum altitude: 331m.
Departure/Arrival: Tarzo, (TV).
Length: 6,5km.
Difference in altitude: 26m.
Average time required: -
Maximum altitude: 331m.

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Map of Tarzo
Map of Tarzo Resera
Map of Fratta Colmaggiore


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