Meat and cold cuts

From game to poultry, beef and pork… Roasted or grilled, meat is the second feature of this land. And then you can try “de casada” (homemade) cold cuts such as those made of Oca del Mondragon (goose), and "soppressa nostrana" (local cured pork salami): with polenta (cornmeal porridge) it is the most typical appetizer.

Az. Agr. Ca' Piadera s.s.

Soppressa (large cured pork salami), ossocollo (cured spiced pork meat from the neck), Salame.... and many more. The Ca' Piadera Farm/Agricultural Business produces top quality meats, sausages and salumi from chickens, rabbits and pigs reared in a semi-wild environment in the green hills of Tarzo. Clean air, tasty products.

Via Piadera – Nogarolo di Tarzo
Tel: +39 0438/586768

Macelleria Franceschet
Via Corona, 14 - Tarzo
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Macelleria Bernardi
Piazza Papa Albino Luciani, 8 - Tarzo
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Azienda Agricola PPL De Coppi Claudio
Località Colmaggiore di Sopra, 58 – Tarzo
Tel: +39 338 5865064
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