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Relaxing holidays in Tarzo

Relaxing holidays in Tarzo

The ideal destination for those who want to experience slow tourism

Tarzo, along with other locations in the area, offers a series of solutions to treat yourself to a different kind of hospitality, slow tourism.

If you choose Tarzo as a destination for a weekend or a wellness holiday, we advise you to dedicate yourself to long and regenerating walks in the greenery. Tarzo and the surrounding locations are a perfect stage for those who want to get away from the stress of everyday life. Here you can regenerate, relax by doing yoga, or simply by walking through the woods to discover unexplored views.

Wellness centres and spas to get back in shape

To take advantage of the holidays to take care of your body, Tarzo does not disappoint, with wellness centres and spas where to regain total beauty of body and mind.

Check the list of the most beautiful wellness centres in the area.

Relais d’Arfanta
Località Pecol d'Arfanta 20 - Tarzo
Tel: +39 334 6278562 - +39 0438 933861
E-mail: info@relaisdarfanta.it
Web: www.relaisdarfanta.it

Centro Benessere Cadelach
Via G.Grava, 2 - Revine Lago (TV)
Tel: +39 0438 524135
E-mail: centrobenessere@cadelach.it
Web: www.cadelach.it

Via Brandolini Brando, 29 - Cison di Valmarino (TV)
Tel: +39 0438 9761